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What It Means to Join the National Radioactive Waste Coalition

Thank you for considering joining the National Radioactive Waste Coalition. Here is some information you might find helpful.

You are invited to be a charter member of the Coalition and be listed when we launch our information campaign later in the year. We are establishing a nation- wide coalition which will include a wide array of organizations that are tackling many different topics, all of which are important and demand time and resources. We are not asking you to fight our fight, we will focus on nuclear issues so that you don’t have to.

When you need information on nuclear matters, or want to take a strong stand for a nuclear free future, you will have a strong, reliable, timely source that you can count on. Occasionally we might ask for a sign on from your organization on a critical issue or pending legislation. Rarely we might ask that you share information with your members. You will have the advantage of standing with other organizations across the country so that all of our voices for a sane nuclear waste policy are amplified and heard by legislators on the national level.

We are stronger together.

You will be in good company as your logo and contact information will be listed on our public website and you will be able to post events as well.


If your organization stands in solidarity with our mission statement, we would ask that you fill out the membership application HERE and nominate one of your members as a contact person.


The Coalition meets biweekly and your designated member will keep you updated and relay any concerns or questions you might have to the Coalition. Hopefully, your organization will be able to reflect some of this information in your posted materials. It is powerful if we all speak in one voice. The work of the Coalition is done in committees, members who would like to get more involved are invited to join in. If your organization has not taken a position on nuclear power or feel that some of your members might favorably consider nuclear power, we would be glad to do a presentation and discussion to clarify our goals and principles and why we stand by them. Radioactive waste is a problem that we will hand on to future generations. There is no good solution but we must do the best we can with what we have to work with. The best solution is to stop creating it.

NRWC Member Application Form